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    Intruder Alarms

    Keep who you want out, out!

    At PDSL, we specialise in state-of-the-art alarm systems designed to enhance the security of your business. Our expert team is always ready to assist with your security needs!

    We offer the HKC and Aritech ranges of wired intruder systems. These systems not only serve as a powerful deterrent against potential intruders but also provide immediate local alerts through audible alarms if security is breached.

    For minimal disruption and efficient installation, consider our HKC range of wireless alarm equipment. These systems can be installed quickly, significantly reducing labor costs. Thanks to advances in battery technology, our wireless devices offer up to three years of continuous operation before needing a battery replacement.

    Enhance your security further by connecting your system to a monitoring station or managing it through a mobile phone app, ensuring you are always in control and informed.

    Brands we supply include:

    • HKC
    • Aritech

    These trusted brands help us deliver reliable and effective security solutions tailored to meet the needs of any business.