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    Access Control

    Safe and Secure Access, Wherever you Need

    Access Control Systems are crucial for ensuring secure entry and efficient management of access points across a variety of settings. PDSL offers sophisticated access control solutions that range from basic single-door systems to advanced multi-door IP networked systems.

    Our product offerings include the ACT and HKC ranges of standalone access keypads, both wired and wireless, which are perfect for smaller premises needing straightforward entry and exit control without the need for an extensive networked system.

    For medium to large premises requiring comprehensive access management, our IP networked access control systems are ideal. These systems can manage  everything from two doors and a single user to complex setups with thousands of doors and hundreds of users. PDSL is equipped to supply a tailored system to meet the unique specifications of each project.

    We supply the following brands.

    • ACT | Vanderbilt
    • Salto
    • HKC Abloy

    These brands are renowned for their reliability and flexibility, enabling us to provide scalable and secure access control solutions tailored to the needs of any business.