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    Fire Suppression

    Safe, Secure Supression

    At PDSL, our Fire Suppression Systems provide effective, reliable protection against fires, delivering immediate results that go beyond basic safety requirements.

    Utilising cutting-edge technology, our systems detect and extinguish fires rapidly, ensuring minimal risk and damage. Our Fire Suppression Agents, including FM200, Novec, and Nitrogen-based solutions, are engineered to achieve extinguishing levels within seconds, preventing fires from escalating and protecting your assets and operations.

    These agents are designed for safe use even in occupied spaces, prioritising human safety and allowing your workforce to operate without fear of harm from the suppression process.

    We are proud to supply leading brands such as:

    • Kentec Extinguishing Control Panel
    • Advanced Extinguishing Control Panels

    This range underscores our commitment to providing industry-leading fire safety solutions that safeguard both your business and your people.